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Diploma seminar with thesis supervisor

(en)Pedagog: mgr Magdalena Sołtys

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The weekly number of hours of classes or lectures, the number of ECTS points assigned to the subject and information on the form and completion of the subject are included in the study program and Course Cataloque (information is displayed in Akademus system)

(en)Lista studiów

(en)studia status (en)czas[h] ECTS (en)forma pass
Interior Design s.4 (en)o 30 6 seminar 30h
seminar [pass with grade]
Sculpture s.4 (en)o 30 6 seminar 30h
seminar [pass]

(en)Semestr 2019/20-SS (en)(Z-zimowy,L-letni)
(en)Kod kursu: #38.12218